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Know Your Customer Avatar -Finally, Get a Clear Idea on WHO You Are Selling To!

Know Your Customer Avatar

I was excited about the second class because the first class had an A-H-A moment for me as it was beyond my expectations. My Excitement doubled this time as we all fellow interns have got our Scorecard for our First assignment. This Actually Made us More serious for our Next Class. Once again, I’m happy to share my internship experience with you all.  

A Buzz was already created In the facebook group when we all were given a score as per our Writing and understanding about our first concept and we all were appreciated for our First step and even Got paid for the assignment done as a token of appreciation 🌺.

The second class of Internship started on 24 – December – 2019 at 9:05 PM a Day Before Christmas. Deepak Sir as we all know he is filled with an abundance of knowledge and multi-tasking, He shared the Webinar Link on the facebook group and Telegram group created for Interns. 
He made sure all interns are connected on all platforms so no one gets missed. Now Class Got Started with some Pointers for our previous assignments. We had about an 87% completion rate for the assignment for our first class. We were even motivated by ‘Carrot and Stick’ Quote.

‘Carrot and Stick’ Quote

The assignment will get tougher further, again we also earn with it. So with this, I want to quote,  ‘No Pain  No Gain’.

He created a Positive atmosphere while class started which actually helped me as I sometimes do multitasking with checking my mobile notification and here and there – so in order to be focused Deepak sir asked us to Switch our Mobile Phone on Flight Mode so we don’t get Distracted.

Flight Mode Please

‘Distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs’.

Actual Class Started –

We Actual got introduced to the Golden triangle, Which is Learn > Do > Teach. Learn Something Do something and make sure you teach what you learned.

Golden Triangle Do – Learn – Teach

When you teach, you understand things in a better way.

When you learn something – it is captured and stored in your Mind which is in Fuzzy State, and when we apply the theory into practice that is where we actually know how much information we have learned and when we Teach someone then the information is transmitted and it is organized in a better way in our mind 🧠.

Mistakes are Future benefits

Mistakes are future-benefits

When we implement whatever we learned theory to practical then definitely we do mistakes and we even try to learn from our own mistakes, the value of which is yet to be realized, Over time we try to improve and specialize our skills with our own mistakes.

So far, it was clear what I want to do and how I can rectify things that I wasn’t clear.

Wow, 💯 Amazed with it.

Later Learnt about the Combination of Marketing and Communication which leads to Good Understand.

The conversation is food to the soul and every good conversation starts from Good Listening. If we develop the skill of Listening and Answering then our Marketing becomes easier as there is no Hush Hush pressure for Marketing. It’s since ages we had listened to a proverb,’Practise makes a man perfect’. If you want to share the information then you need to develop communication skills. If you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse well 1: many. 

One needs to be authentic while communicating, People are tired of fake people with social personas. Everyone is attracted to someone real, Just like our very own Deepak Sir.

Be Real – Don’t fake it

Be Yourself, Call them as Attractive Marketer, you need to be who you are. In simple terms,

This Itself helped me to Think whether I am a Good Communicator???

If Not There is always room to improve and whatever we learn to put it into practice. 

The first 20 Minute Session was on Moral values and about Attractive Marketers. Now, The Most interesting concept was asked,

Who is a Better Marketer?

Better Marketer

The better marketer is those who travel a lot, People with more life experiences are better marketers. One who indulges in learning new languages, do new things in life. The best example is Solo Travellers – Who Can actually discover themselves. One who Finds out the way to learn new Skills like Music which help you actually to be a Better Marketer.

Nailing it with the Actual Understanding Of the real concept of marketing with understanding who is your Audience.

Know Your Customer Avatar (AKA buyer persona)

Buyer persona

It’s a huge mistake.

And yet, I see it happen all the time.

A marketer or business owner gets so focused on WHAT they’re selling that they forget to think about WHO they’re selling it to.

It is said ‘Riches are In the Niches’, One has to Craft in one Niche and master them. Then One needs to analyze who is your Audience? If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience. One needs to understand how to define your target customers?

You could have the greatest product on earth, but if you’re trying to sell it to the wrong person—you’re never going to hit your sales numbers.

That’s why understanding your customer avatar (AKA buyer persona) is so important.

You need to define the demographics and psychographics of the target audience.

Keep In Mind, The target customers are already having a conversation in their minds about their needs or problems. As a marketer, you need to join that conversation and NOT create a new conversation. It is just that you are in your Customer’s shoes.

Before you can sell anything effectively, you need to understand…

  • WHO your ideal customer is
  • WHERE they’re hanging out online
  • WHAT their challenges are

But how do you actually do all that?

There’s content marketing, email marketing, paid traffic, product creation, social media, copywriting, analytics… the list goes on.

Each of those disciplines has its own unique set of skills to master. But with Email and Direct Messaging gives you more Exposure and standout rather than public posts on social media.

Deepak Sir shared with us how he identifies his Customer Avatar – and How he interacts with them and how he is actually sold by his audience as Rather than selling it is shared that How Good you are with solving problems which were an eye-opener.

Focus on the center, not on the border


As you move away from the center, it will dilute and it’s ok (Developing Customer Avatar about his Age, gender, marital status and so on.

Deepak sir, practically did an exercise to identify the Real -deal ( Customer Avatar) by creating a Survey form. Each niche is different and Each niche questions Differ but ultimately one needs to analyze what exactly their customer is in need so one can provide the solution.

This was the assignment for all Interns, 

Find out Your Customer Avatar

Here is the result of the Customer Avatar Survey after brainstorming with a couple of Teams mates

Know Customer Avatar

Simran Kaur (Fictional Character) Who owns a Business in the education field and wants to Expand her Business as she wanted to start a Chain of Franchise Business Model.

So We started a Survey for her collecting some interesting facts which will help her to make better decisions to develop her business.

The survey was about Finding Her Customer

As per the image, we can see that 90% who showed interest towards her franchise business were Men

Her Main Customers were from India 100%

Bengaluru was on top with 40% and cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi were equally distributed towards 10% so we have a clear picture that to start off she can focus mainly on Bengaluru to start off with.

We even collected information on Annual Income. This makes it easier for us knowing on some % how much one can invest.

We even focused on education level, we had the same combination for Undergraduate and Post Graduate.

We later asked Them to have they heard about Franchise Model Business and we had about 100% saying Yes!

We later asked them if they want to Start a Franchise Business for education and have immediate capital to start and to our Surprise, we had about 70% saying YES! 

We asked them How much can they Invest immediately as to start This Business and we had a small percentage who can invest more than $5000 and the remaining 90% who can invest up to $2000 to start off.

Later we asked them what currently they are doing? and again to our surprise, 70% are Entrepreneurs who can actually Invest.

We did ask them about the availability of a credit card? Shocking that 70% don’t have a Credit card.

At last, we asked them what is their Ultimate goal to Start This Business? Basically, Most of them want to make money, be rich and famous and bring a smile on others’ faces.

At last, when we asked them Do you want to Start This Franchise Business and want us to call you with more information, 90% passionate are ready to Book a call.

So This gave clarity On who is their actual audience, their age, their interests, goals, and Investment whether or not they are ready to purchase or are they Decision Makers?

After completing this exercise, there was clarity on My customer avatar, target audience, the goals and values that are relevant to the products and services you offer.

Before sharing the assignment, Deepak sir, quoted, ‘Awkwardness is an indicator of learning’, which most of us face. 

Awkward Situation ‘Can I Do It’

When we are learning new things we always have fear in us whether what we are doing is right or wrong when we shared our first assignment inside LDM group which is a large group, we feel discomfort and some share reviews and comments which we need to take up as a challenge and Just come out of our comfort zone.

I was feeling like I am On a Gunpoint 🔫.

Anyways, Deepak Sir shared the Google template document of Customer Avatar and asked the Interns to Find out Customer Avatar (AKA Buyer Persona).

Finally, We completed Class 2 Knowing Our Customer Avatar and Deeper concept of Digital marketing, Started with Selection of Niche, Identifying Customer Avatar and now waiting for Third class for Next BOMB 💣 to explode and add one more assignment and One More Post coming soon!!!

I am Excited!! Aren’t You…

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