Interview with Himanshu Sharma – Indian Blogger and SEO Expert

How to Blog and Rank easily with simple backlink Techniques if done Consistently.

Himanshu Sharma is a young and passionate Blogger and Search engine Optimisation Expert, His Journey started with blogging in the year 2013 with platform where he started his journey with sharing poetries. He later got fascinated towards blogging seriously and Started learning the Blogging tips and tricks and he even started learning SEO where he can grow his blog.

Interview with Himanshu Sharma – Indian Blogger and SEO Expert l Backlink Expert

Question 1: Describe how did you first get into blogging? Any Inspiration?

Himanshu: I was surfing the Internet and accidentally came across a blog called by Harsh Agarwal which let me an opportunity to start My Blog at

Question 2: Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in Blogging?

Himanshu: FOCUS is the primary key to My success so far achieved.

Question 3: How would you describe your blogging style? Like do you follow any format or some checklist? If You would like to share with our Viewers?

Himanshu: For me Quora and Answer the public is the primary source where I go and search for the related topic what other’s are searching and I try to list down those question and try to write a blogpost related to those question which might solve their queries. This is the Blogging style which actually he follows and shares with other bloggers also to try this style so they can help as much as they can and How much value they can provide with their single blog post which will help them rank their blog post through Google. Systematically if one writes articles then they get ranked and Indexed for their answers in their post. (Watch the video at 6:02 a Golden Nugget Shared)

Question 4: How to Attract Clients in Social media?

Himanshu: I only Focus On helping and sharing value related to Blogging and SEO and with Practice and Consistency people over in the group identify me in a place of an Expert and Some seek help for their Business. So that how I attract Clients organically. (Watch the video at 11:56 Shared Automation way of attracting Clients) 

Question 5: What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

Himanshu:  1) Practise – Try – Do things practically to get Desired Results. If one Learn and don’t apply the techniques what they learnt then how would they get results? 

                   2) Be Authentic – As of now, many SEO Expert tells false – Missing a piece of puzzle nowadays to grab the clients. So one needs to be Authentic and Work will follow you

                  3) Branding – Nowadays, This is the fundamental Key for Attracting Clients and Exploring a new way of Attracting Clients.

Question 6: Is Blogging still Alive if I start now? What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now?

Himanshu: YES, Blogging is Still alive and nowadays many are doing it very differently. Very professionalism Touch is been introduced. Day by day new trends are been explored, Micro- niche Blogging is one need to Focus.

Question 7: I heard you are a pro at SEO? Can you share some insights about the importance of SEO? On-page or off-page or local SEO?

Himanshu: I focus on updating myself, Keep reading 7-8 articles a day. Keep Learning as it never dies. Whenever I get a query I try to answer them, Suppose if I am unable to answer them, I try to search and try to learn and research about them. I try to Learn Lot from Case Studies. 

Question 8: What has been your most successful post? Why do you think it was appealing?

Himanshu: For me Every post which solves a problem even for a single person, I think that post of mine is Successful Post.

Question 9: How do you attract new readers?

Himanshu: Yes, I still remember me and my friend wrote about the telegram, On some topic where we curated about 2500 words and next day I tried searching in search console about some keywords and to my surprise I saw that My article was on 70Th Position. Later I created some Backlinks and social shares which helped my Article to reach Google Second page and after one week’s time, it was on Top Position on google and even after 6 to 7 months it is still On Google top position. My Article came on top because I added the missing piece in the puzzle.

Question 10: How do you attract new readers?

Himanshu: I Use the Facebook group as my Weapon to get My new Avid Readers. But try to avoid spamming but generally share good content, answer other people queries which will help you to get Avid readers and helped me to be on My email list. Watch the video at 28:14) 

Question 11: What would you do to improve our current content?

Himanshu: Revamping old blog post if it is missing some piece of content. The whole process is explained in the video at 32:56 watch it for complete Information.  Make sure Don’t Change the URL of the post as you will mess with google algorithm. (Advance Strategy /Hack) 

Question 12: What are the SEO tools do you use?  

Himanshu: I Use Search Console, Ahrefs, Moz, Quora, Linkedin and Twitter.

Question 13: I have heard about Backlink? What do you mean by Backlink? Share about Your (product) 

Himanshu: I wrote this eBook especially to help people who are struggling to get good results from their Blogs and Websites.

But one thing that you should note is that getting results take time and efforts. It took me years to learn all the things that I have shared in this eBook and you would need to take actions to apply all the tips and tricks.

Backlink Mastery Guide

This Ebook is for Beginners and for a business who need genuine backlinks.

Question 14: what do you mean by guest post? does it help us to get traffic to our site( backlink)

Himanshu: You Post on some other website for they are looking for content and you are looking for some backlink. Yes. It is important if done accurately without spamming. The whole methodology is explained so well in this video at 43:40. Do watch the video and Learn why the Guest post is important.

Question 15: Case study?  Do you want to share with our Viewers? 

Himanshu: Yes it is good to ask case studies for it will help to judge whether you are capable to handle practical work and that will help businesses as well.

At last, he shared The one who wants to start Blogging is ‘Today’ – as Tomorrow will never come.

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