How to go Viral on Pinterest

The12 best ways to get noticed on Pinterest in just 3 months

Though it is not that easy as it seems to be but practice and there are certain things you can do to initiate it.

What does it really require anyone to get a viral pin? Or to Create One?

Is it Quality of Content, quality of pin or quantity of posting pins, consistency of pinning, does Images matters, will Repinning will help to get noticed on Pinterest?

There are tons of question’s asked by many of you. Some of the concepts about getting a viral pin are a total lie and most of the bloggers still believe it.

In one of my previous blogs, I’ve explained How I got 100K Targeted Audience on Pinterest in 11 days to gain massive traffic from Pinterest. There are basic steps and strategies that you can use to be massive in Pinterest without the help of big accounts. As I shared in my previous post with 0 followers to gain 100k audience on Pinterest.

So… Again same question How to make Pinterest pins go Viral?

To answer this question let me tell you one thing Pinterest isn’t just about mindless spam pinning or plagiarism, with some strategic pinning you too might bag some viral pins with some cool traffic to your blogs.

Given below are some important pointers to remember while creating, pinning, and growing your pins.

Cool – Here we go!

1: Write an article on a popular topic in my niche

2: Eye-Catchy Titles Are Everything

3: Paid Stock images OR Free Stock Images?

4: Overall Statistics Of a Pin

5: Telling Pinterest That Your Pins Are Awesome

6: Similar Pin Popularity

7: Manual & frequent Pinning 

8: Mind Your Popular Pins 

9: Create and join collaborative boards that are relevant to your audience. 

10: Be original Be Nice

11:Get social on Pinterest 

12: Put a “Pin It” button at the top and the bottom of your blog entries


13: Timing the posting of your pin during the most active times of the day.

Let us Discuss these pointers one by one below:

1: Write an article on a popular topic in my niche


 This is one of the Important elements for attracting massive traffic to one’s blog like a magnet. Recently I wrote an article regarding How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank in 5 Simple Steps in 2020. This has all element which actually helped me to get a good amount of traffic to my blog, this post helped me to get nearly about 100 clicks in the month of March 2020, and 1000 clicks in the month of April 2020.

It means 10X more traffic blasted because it had good content and element, which helped me to generate $388 with this traffic, which is organic!!! It is not a Rocket science but strategies that also engage viewers to sticks to content!!!

2: Eye-Catchy Titles Are Everything

Eye Catchy Titles

Need to admit some harsh truth, 

  • If your blog titles are vague, it will get less traffic even if the blog content is outstanding.
  • Even if your content is not that great but has a Catchy Headline that really stands out in the crowd, blog views are more consistent.

You may have written some awesome content but if I don’t feel like clicking the pin, you’ve already lost the game. Now more than ever, generic titles fail to bring a decent amount of traffic because Pinterest is already saturated with these generic pins. You can ruin a beautifully written, well-crafted blog post by NOT using a good well-crafted headline.

For example – If your pin has the Headline “11 Ways To Make Money”, unfortunately, most users will not click it (including me).

You will have to grab the eyeballs of the reader within the normal attention span (i.e. 2-3 seconds). A pin titled “11 Unique Ways To Earn $1,000 Per Week”, has higher chances to grab attention and increases the engagement rate than the previous headline. You can get creative and write a few titles and analyze which one gets more views. It has been seen that good titles or headline increases click rates. So don’t get lost while crafting a catchy headline!

3: Paid Stock images OR Free Stock Images?

In the course of recent months, I’ve heard such a great amount from other enormous records clients about the advantages of utilizing Paid pictures rather than free stock pictures as they will, in general, perform better. 

I am going to be Extremely genuine here, Stock pictures are utilized by the greater part of the pinners, which is the reason Pinterest is loaded up with these pictures. The stage is excessively soaked with free stock pictures, which may obstruct the presentation of your “New” pin that has a free picture in it. 

For Instance – One visual pursuit utilizing Pinterest’s “Visual hunt” Highlight shows huge amounts of different pins in which a similar picture is utilized.

When we are starting we usually use the FREE version but in order to get more viral traffic than one needed to either Buy the Stock Photos at Shutterstock. So duplication is avoided and your Pinterest pins reach more viewers faster and as Fresh Pins. 

4: Overall Statistics Of a Pin

Pinterest acts practically like a Search engine (simply like Google), yet it’s to a greater degree a Visual Search Engine. What’s more, that is the reason the pin needs to look astonishing on the grounds that an attractive pin expands the criticalness of the Viewer to spare, click and associate with it. 

This truly builds your pin Engagement and great pin engagement is significant for a pin to turn into a Viral on Pinterest. For my pins, I use Canva, where it is such a great amount of simpler to make quality pins that stand out

(P.S-This is FREE to use). 

Try to make vertical pins where the written stuff must be clear and legible. People will surely be turned off if the image is blurry or the written stuff in it is too small or both. It should be relevant and catchy!

5: Telling Pinterest That Your Pins Are Awesome


Just like any other search engine, you need to share to Pinterest what you are content is all about and to whom your content needs to serve.

Is it possible to share to Pinterest about this? HOW?

The simple answer is – ‘Pin Description’.

Yes, this is the heart of your Pin which shares to Pinterest about what is the content and to whom it needs to share – so it becomes a win-win situation for both pinner and Pinterest. 

Check out the below image as an example.


If you see the written description – Which is shared what, how, and where.

Pay attention to the Pin Description. A well-crafted pin description lets the Pinterest algorithm know what topic your pin is related to (say, Affiliate marketing )and then takes the pin and shows it to users who are interested in the topic Affiliate marketing.

I’ve witnessed so many new bloggers often ignore this part and don’t pay much attention to it and just leave the description part blank or write some irrelevant sentences, hoping that it’ll get traffic from the right people. 

A keyword-rich description + Good looking pin = Viral Pin!!!

If you struggle to write a perfect pin description, you can go to the search bar on Pinterest and type your desired keyword ( money-making, budget, baby products, vegan brunch, etc). Look in the pin descriptions of the first few pins that appear, and take ideas on how they are written. The description might be the reason why they’re on the top.

And of course, don’t copy everything that’s written. Learn, how they use the keyword? Is there any call to action statement? Are there any hashtags involves?

Here, you can definitely get the overall idea to write the perfect description.

6: Similar Pin Popularity


In simple terms – when we create Images for Pinterest as Pin’s then for one blog post we create some 4 -5 pin’s with a different angle in presenting the headlines and blog post. Definitely not all 5 pins will become viral, but the Pin which became Viral that supports their Identical or similar pins to get some cool traffic driven from that Viral pin for Pinterest.

Viral pins are those who get traction in some hour’s and within 2 days it loses it virality, but still, it manages to get some small traffic every day.

So here’s my analogy! 

Imagine if a person becomes famous, his/her siblings / similar get somewhat famous (but not to a full extent), being a close family member. I guess that’s the case here! One pin which is starting to get viral creates some sort of bonus priority for other pins containing the same parent URL.

And that is why,

Every time I publish a new blog post, I make sure to create multiple pins of those and pin them all together. Because if any of those gets any traction, it will drag all its siblings with itself.  And one more thing, even if the sibling pins are not as good looking as the primary viral pin, it will still be popular. 

7: Manual & frequent Pinning 


Manual spinning is sometimes annoying and time-consuming but at the end fruitful results. I make sure I pin regularly and consistently in order to give a signal to Pinterest That I exist and my friends need to get viral so I want you to focus on sharing my pins to the exact viewers who wanted to learn the content that I am sharing. 

The main Idea over here is Pinterest wanted you to spend most of your time I really on the platform so that it tries to understand you better and it also understands the psychology of what you share and what kind of activities you do on clean pressed consistently so that it tries and understand and on depending upon your activity it tries to focus on generating traffic. But you need to focus on being consistent at least for two to three month so that most of your content go viral if you follow this strategy of Pinterest believe me most of your Pins would go viral

Frequent meaning is one of the best things for you to get more traffic in future along with this you also need to share other people pin on to your boat so that your Weavers get more content related to other people’s content into your nature and it is over a Win-Win situation for both you as well as for the Pinterest viewers they are not annoyed with the same content they get fresh content from your board from your account so that they stick to you as a monthly audience and whatever you share their try to check and if you are into any of making then you would understand how powerful is the traffic you are sending to your blogs.

The Winning Pin Strategy – Make sure you don’t win more than hundred in a day make sure you don’t pin hundred in one stretch ok a just focus on different time zones for different timings for example if you are planning to pin at 9:00 p.m. keep an interval of some 10 pins of 15 pins and after that make sure your pin on after some sort of timings says about like 2 o’clock 3 o’clock in between so, that will help you to stay away from suspension from Pinterest and your content also will get good reach. 

so basically it is testing and tweaking.

8: Mind Your Popular Pins


Pinterest follows the rule of mind your popular pins, it means that some of your pins might have good reach earlier, so that also will help your recent content to get more number of reach by seeing your past performance.

9: Create and Join Collaborative boards that are relevant to your audience. 


 Make sure you create minimum 15 Boards every month with your relative niches and try to join some of the other people’s board into your own Niche where you can share your content to their Boards and they also can share their content to your boards, so it is again like a Win-Win situation for both the board owners.

 this work as good collaborations and good collaborations can get you a good number of reach, a good number of Impressions, and definitely more the number more the chances of getting link clicks and link clicks will give you more people checking your information to your blog.

10: Be original Be Nice

With Pinterest, your content needs to be original and Plagiarism free.  Make sure to be nice with Pinterest and it will help you to get tons of traffic to your blog.  It is not only with your blog content but also with the pins which you are posting every day consistently on Pinterest, to make sure to create original images for Pinterest.

11:Get social on Pinterest 


Make sure you follow this rule of being social on Pinterest. It means that for your blog if someone is checking your post it should have some plugins where the viewers can share your content back to Pinterest. this strategy will help some of your pins to go viral on to Pinterest. 

12: Put a “Pin It” button at the top and the bottom of your blog entries


This is very simple when someone is checking your blog post make sure you use to Pin it button at the top and bottom of your blog entries so that again your content can be posted Reposted on to Pinterest.  

The concept over here is ‘Sharing is Caring’


13: Timing the posting of your pin during the most active times of the day.


Pinner must focus on the timings they need to post on Pinterest.  Make sure you test a lot of time zones on Pinterest, anywhere you can start at 6:00 a.m. in the morning and post for half an hour, again login on to Pinterest at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and post the content, again at 9 o’clock in the night post the content. 

Keep testing to Create a Viral Pin.

In conclusion,

Getting a viral pin is not very easy, you need to look into a lot of aspects to get it right and not every time it is in your control. But a few things that are in your control which are mentioned above are enough to make your pins much popular (if not full-blown viral), thus increases your chances to get viral.

Pin virality may be hard to get but sure is not any mystery anymore, tweaking some stuff may push your pins to perform better than ever.

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see immediate results. For me, it takes at least One to Two months to get viral after the date of posting. Your pins might take less or more than my time. But with the strategies discussed above, Now your pins will be 5 steps ahead compared to others. 

I have also Come up with the course wherein we teach on 

How to get 1 Million views On Pinterest in just 30 days’.

If you are interested then you can Book a Call with me!!

If you have any queries, comment below!!!

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