How I got 100K Targeted Audience on Pinterest in 11 days 🚀

100K Audience 🚀 | 150+ Link Clicks 😱| $194 In sales🎊

How I got 100K Targeted Audience on Pinterest in 11 days 🚀

These are the numbers I have achieved on Pinterest in less than 11 days without spending a dime on Ads.

Before you start calling me a FAKE, here is the screenshot from My Pinterest Analytics with their dates mentioned i.e. Apr 12th, 2020 – Apr 22nd, 2020

Pinterest Analytics for Business365days

Btw, for people who aren’t aware of what Pinterest (, Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as ‘pinning’ on. Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned. (Source – Google)

If you are someone selling courses, or trying to generate leads, or just trying to build a personal brand, Pinterest is the platform which can get you awesome results with a few efforts and ZERO Ad spend.

You Might Have a Question on How the Heck I did this In just 11 days?

1. Find out your Niche

This is one of the Important Step In Pinterest which most of them don’t follow. First and Foremost Identify your Niche and do some research whether That niche has some Good Search with respect to Pinterest Feed, Have a look at this Below Image

Pinterest Feed Keyword

When we Search On Pinterest Feed with just some words, It automatically shows up some more Search options which we ultimately call them as keywords. So we need to Find the Right Keywords and Create a Board according to it so we can Create Content as per People are Searching (problems) and Our content can be The solution for them. We Can also go further and Dig More related keywords which can help us to target More audiences and get them Hooked to our account. 

Keyword Research on Pinterest

We Find (Dig) keywords and they help us to create content on what people are searching.

So Main rule is – ‘Identity Your Niche Dig Your keywords’

2. Create Catchy Headlines and Pins

If you are someone who wants to get Viral Traffic then this is the MOST important and Crucial steps so that we can come up with some Good Catchy Headlines and that acts as the base for Creating Eye-catchy Images to capture Someone’s attention. 

Now you would end up Scratching your head On How to Create Catchy Headlines as we are not Copywriter’s and we can’t afford to spend money to hire someone to do. 

The best Way to Get Idea On Creating Eye-Catchy Headlines are Spying on other’s Account with Similar Niche. See How are they writing, Their Styles, and whether they are attractive. The second option is the best and highly recommended one is to Check the Site Called

In this site, we can Discover what people are asking about. Have a Look at an image below,

Answer the public

 I have Entered a topic, Crafts and to your surprise see what I found, a List of Queries that people are asking and you can use them as your Headline which best suits your Blog post or your Content. Check out the image below.

Headline ideas from Answer the Public

This solves your Headlines and now what about Designing an Eye-catchy Image which actually attracts people to your Board and To your Blog post or the destination where you want to send them.

This also is solved – I try to Create the Pin for Pinterest from and it is Free to Join and it also has some ready pre-made templates for Pinterest.

Go to Your Home section, click on Create a design, and you need to type in the search bar – Pinterest and you will find many Templates from which you can choose from as Pinterest Pin size by default is 1000 px X 1500 px (Ratio of 2:3) and I have already made Customisable Pinterest templates which you can Re-use and use into Your Designing. Make sure you make a copy of it and then use it to save the mother template for future Pinning!

These are some of my Pins – which has nearly 10000k Impression in just some 4 – 8 hours. Same templates which I have shared it Earlier

I hope this will help you to get some of your Pin’s Ready in just 10 Minutes.

3. Optimize It with Consistency and Repinning

In this step, we need to do one thing, Pin minimum 5 – 10 Pin’s a day consistently along with whatever I shared In my above post. This will give you some faster Reach with the increasing impression and building the audience and getting some Link clicks which will help us for future list building, sales, or whatever is your Objective to send the traffic from Pinterest.

Make sure You Create some Boards and keep pinning your Pins to your board and even try repinning others’ Pin as well to your Board which will help to get more engaged traffic to your account. 

4. Collaborate with other like-minded Pinners.

This is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your pins. Check the image for reference. When we own board we can invite another pinner to collaborate and value by pinning their pin’s to our board and Pinning our pins to their Board.

 Likewise, This kind of traffic will help us to get viral traffic. Just assume if the pinner boards have about some 20,000 followers and when you pin your Image to their board then chances are there that you can get some cool views on your Pin’s which increases the chances for them to do some engagement with your pins and few clicks on the link where you want to send them. 

Make sure you don’t spam your Pin into their board without sharing their pins with yours. Ultimately Pinterest SEO works crazy and You would rank on some keywords onto their page 1 when someone is searching and in few days you will also have great chances to rank some of your best keywords onto Google.

So this Works crazy and This is an Organic method which I am currently using it and generated nearly about 100K Views in less than 11 days.

5. Track the Pins / Rinse and Repeat the Process

This is what one needs to do. We need to focus on Creating Catchy Pins regularly and consistently and keep increasing the pin’s so that one can get 20,000 to 30,000 Audience daily, and it will help in increasing traffic to your Blog.

You can even check with Google Analytics, to track which Pins are actually working and getting traffic to your Blogs. Numbers keep changing every day depending upon what efforts you are doing it consistently.

Check out the image below for more clarity.

Google Analytics of Business365days

And when we click on Pinterest, It will land to further information on which blogpost we generated traffic and which pins got us more traffic so we can work on that Pin or Repurpose that Pin’s to fetch more traffic to Blog.

Check out the image below.

Pinterest Google Analytics for Business365days

If you have followed all the above steps, you have a good base of the audience who are carving for good content. 

Show off your expertise by sharing relevant content. People would engage for sure by Clicking, Repinning, and Following you to get more content from you!

What this would result in is a strong personal brand and as a result SALES.

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