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Hi, I’m Suman Jain. Welcome to my Laptop Business From Home. Being a Mom of 3 lovely kids and married to Pradeep kumar dhoka, life was good just that i completely Lost myself which i Regained with the help of my family and from Social media. Though belonging to a conservative family, I was brought up Like a Tomboy, Most of the time Playing outside with Boys and I was good at sports at my school life. 

I am from an entrepreneur family so I was seeing daily my dad How he was running his business and atb the age of 12 i realised that i want to be an entrepreneur No idea what but will be One Day.

Fast Forward My Life to 23 – Got Married – Busy Life – 3 Kids and Then What, I just said to My Husband about mY desire of becoming an Entrepreneur but he also laid out one condition that do whatever you want but from home!

I was Like Is it possible to work from Home. Later I was checking Facebook and saw about Email processing System, where you sell some digital stuff and make commission and I joined that, That is when my entrepreneurial Life began!

Joined several Company and jumping from One Niche to another Later i realised that i am actually good at sales and research and My interest developed with Facebook Ads. I have explored many Traffic strategy for various small brands and major of my clients were from US and canada. I started focusing on traffic strategies and explored many things. That’s how my Life began with social media and many noticed me as I do something with social media. 

Fast Forward.

As one of the most sought-after social media strategists in the country, I’ve personally trained over 100+ businesses, as a social media speaker & trainer – by providing simple and effective strategies that get results.

Helped Many ladies who turned their Passion and Hobbies Into profitable Online Business… Either it is whats app Business from facebook or launching a Youtube Channel ..or Creating Power packed profile at Linkedin. Few are mehandi artists, Makeup artist, Painters, Crafters, have a passion in Cooking. Few are Entrepreneur who run Travel Business, Eye care, jewelry, to name a few.

I have spoken to a couple of events like HUM Group, JITO JBN Network where I spoke in front of 200 Entrepreneur’s, spoke even For a corporate companies.. where I taught them about How Social Media can influence their Business to the Next Level.

By being a social media trainer & expert – my specialty is helping people to get results through platforms such as Facebook,Tiktok Advertising, Native Ads, Push Notification ads,LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest,Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Traffic Building, Conversions and Analytics.

I’m on a mission to empower and build highly effective virtual social media teams that can serve clients across the globe, at top-notch levels.

My eventual goal is to hit my investment/savings targets by a certain key date so that I can retire and spend the rest of my life empowering entrepreneurs and living my passions & serving the community while I’m still young enough to be able to do so fully… Empower Many people’s Life with the knowledge which I Have in me. I Just to be A Reason To Bring a Smile On someone’s face and Bring a Lot of Positive Vibes in one’s Life. That’s how my first business was born.

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